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Bora Aydin

Walter Tosto is a company of the Tosto Group, a group of companies with production plants in Italy (Chieti, Ortona, Mantua) and in Romania (Bucharest and Oltenita). With more than 70 years of experience our company is one of the biggest manufacturers of critical process equipment in Europe for the Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Fertiliser and Energy industries capable of offering mechanical design, fabrication, construction and supply capabilities with a combination of skills in engineering and manufacturing.


Walter Tosto is the leader of WP3 (Reactor development) and responsible for Task 3.4 (Reactor mechanical design and CFD). Other than that we are involved in Task 5.3 (Construction of the pilot plant) and Task 5.4 (Commissioning and start-up of the pilot unit). 

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