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Keramik Innovation Berthold presents its ceramics samples developed for the ēQATOR project

ēQATOR's steady progress is being achieved thanks to the collaborative effort of our project partners. Keramik Innovation Berthold is excited to share with the general public the latest developments of its participation in our project by producing various types of ceramic samples, each of them with different purposes.

As a result of KIB and MCI efforts to identify the best way of electrically contacting the ceramic to fit best into the reactor, the ceramics above show the first solutions where electric contact zones can be applied to the ceramics.

The ceramic samples above are variations of sample holders. These samples were done by Fused Deposition Method (FDM), which uses a filament made of 70% ceramic and 30% plastics extruded through a hot nozzle, producing the product layer by layer. The ceramic on the left is one-half of a honeycomb sample holder, while the one on the right is for a coupon sample.

Meanwhile, the honeycombs and tube prototypes above can be used in the reactor, assisting in the process conditions of the catalytic performance of dry reforming.

Overall, Keramik Innovation Berthold's tailor-made, additive-manufactured ceramics are essential contributions to the progress of our project, and a great sign of a successful collaboration between the partners that make the ēQATOR project possible.


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