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Keramik Innovation Berthold exhibited the project at Bayern Innovativ

On June 22nd, Keramik Innovation Berthold made a significant impact at Bayern Innovativ, the annual meeting of the innovative materials cluster, held in Munich, Germany. The event was attended by approximately 100 representatives from member companies, brought together industry giants such as Airbus and Arianegroup, alongside small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutes. Notably, representatives from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs were also present, underscoring the event's significance.

In the lead-up to the meeting, the most promising startups in sustainable technologies were carefully chosen, and each had the opportunity to deliver a concise pitch. Additionally, a small exhibition was set up to showcase the participating companies. Heinrich Berthold from Keramik Innovation Berthold left a lasting impression, presenting the ēQATOR project both during his pitch and at the company's exhibition booth. Throughout the event, Berthold engaged in fruitful discussions about the project with key individuals from renowned organizations such as Airbus, Arianegroup, Krauss Maffei, Fraunhofer IGB, V-Carbon, and Grafite Materials. Their enthusiastic response to the current stage of ceramic material development reflected their admiration, with many eagerly inquiring about the release of initial results.

Overall, Keramik Innovation Berthold's presence at Bayern Innovation proved to be an exceptional platform for showcasing the ēQATOR project. The event's diverse range of participants, including prominent industry players and influential government representatives, emphasized the project's significance within the realm of sustainable technologies.


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