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ēQATOR's partner meeting in Innsbruck on 23-24/04/2024

Our 5th ēQATOR Consortium Meeting took place this week surrounded by mountains in the beautiful City of Innsbruck, hosted by our partner MCI. It was an insightful gathering with representatives from all partners discussing how to develop scalable, electrically-heated catalytic reactor technologies.


For two days, our partners presented and exchanged thoughts on the progress in each work package. In break-out-sessions a special focus was given on discussing the development of the catalysts used within the project and the reactor design for the methanol production.


Next to the demonstration of a lab-scale converter designed and built by MCI, the partners got the opportunity to see coated honeycombs being heated up through resistive heating at the university's own lab.


We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our Austrian partner and for their warm welcome and hospitality.


Stay tuned for updates as we work together towards a paradigm change in the heating of catalytic reforming reactors!  ♻️🍃☀️🔌


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